WordPress Migration Plugins, Services Everything You Want to Understand

There are few points more severe than discovering that your WordPress hosting provider is not up to your criteria, especially if you’re new to their service. Using one of the many WordPress migration services available and jumping ship is a solid plan if you see yourself in this position. While it’s not the only reason for moving your site, it’s a pretty common one.

We’ll offer you four assistance – two free and two premium – and help yourself to choose which one is right for yourself along the way. However, before we go to that, let’s talk a part regarding WordPress migrations, including the most common causes behind them:

What is WordPress migration or moving process?

Simply put, a WordPress migration is the process of moving a WordPress install from one server to another without affecting its functionality. There are several reasons why you would want to go ahead with this, such as:

  1. Moving to a better hosting provider. In this context, better could mean anything – for example, lower prices or faster loading times.
  2. Pushing a local WordPress site to a live server.
  3. Moving a site from a subdomain to the main directory.

If you come inside any of those categories and have put off moving your site because it sounds difficult, we’re hither to show you oppositely! Let’s get a look at four of the best WordPress migration services available.